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PBC News & Comment Tuesday, October 23

Debate #3 is NOT the top story here: ex-CIA John Kiriakou takes plea deal, cementing torture coverup, obstruction of justice…..Kiriakou did the honorable thing, exposing CIA video tapes of torture sessions, including waterboarding.  The Holder “Justice” Dept. brought charges including revealing CIA agents who were deeply involved in torture sessions.  Buried in legal expenses, and expecting a worse outcome, he pled to a single charge–the judge compaed his 2.5 year sentence to the Scooter Libby case, which is outrageous in itself.  And this will prevent exposure of dirty deeds and the people responsible.

Your humble host offers many comments on the last Obama-Romney rumble, which Obama clearly won–fortifying his bad policies and serving up some great singers and put-downs.  NY Times Paris correspondent Steven Erlanger had some good observations from France, but the best is from Bill van Auken at World Socialist website, comparing the candidates to Mafia dons bragging about their kills.

We also report on the latest known threat to election theft this year: the Spanish company that is managing the online absentee voting of military members and ex-patriots.

As mentioned, my favorite globetrotting reporter, Pepe Escobar, will be featured in our in-depth interview to be posted tomorrow.