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PBC News & Comment Wednesday, October 31

Activist David Swanson challenges ex-Secretary of State Madeline Albright on sanctions: past (Iraq) and present (Iran), we discuss….    Swanson is a tireless anti-war activist and author of War is a Lie whose main blog is here.  Swanson politely questioned Albright at an Obama event in Charlottesville, VA yesterday.  Watch the video here.  He will be speaking with Medea Benjamin at the College of Marin on Nov. 11

Before we talk to Swanson:

–an apology from your humble host, Asbury Park, NJ did get hit hard by Hurricane Sandy

–bombing raid last week on Khartoum, Sudan is linked to Israel

–in Afghanistan, our boy Karzai calls elections for April, 2104

–US crime rate drops, except on TV

–new statistics on black men in prison are devastating, proves that prohibition and the war on some drugs don’t work

–my neighbor George Lucas sells his film companies to Disney for $4 billion