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PBC News & Comment Tuesday, October 30

As megastorm Sandy slams New York,  few political leaders dare say “climate change”, since we put profits over prophets like….Al Gore and even Hollywood movies life “Day After Tomorrow” from 2004.  Only billionaire NY Mayor Bloomberg is free to say it.

–5 nuke plants in Sandy’s path, some reactors shut down, but the next concern is over cooling for spent fuel, as Fukushima taught us

NY Times editorial notes Romney’s idiotic comments about returning disaster relief to the states….or privatizing it;  Bush’s FEMA director, Michael Brown, now co-hosts Denver radio show with estimable David Sirota

–more info on pre-attack intel regarding security at Benghazi consulate; no smoking gun, but we still don’t know why Susan Rice maintained it was a “spontaneous” event

–in Syria, 500 die during holiday ceasefire

–our ally Bahrain, run by dictatorial monarchy, bans all demonstrations; US is silent so far, as expected

–in San Francisco, 36 rowdy Giants fans arrested for torching city bus and other mayhem…..why?

–polling shows important ballot measures drop below 50%, endangering Brown’s tax increases, death penalty reform, and GMO labeling measure

–we close with a Borowtiz report on how Sandy interrupted another flip-flop by Romney