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PBC News & Comment: Electile Dysfunction, Disinformation

Lies are flyin’ as our $6 billion election is in final days: California death penalty ban draws apparent disinformation effort….    Emails purportedly from death row inmates take specious shots at Prop. 34, claiming work requirement equals slave labor and reduced funding for appeals would be worse than the status quo.  Don’t be fooled!

–Prop 37 GMO labeling initiative is losing ground in face of flatly deceptive claims by opponents, largely funded by Monstanto

Free Press in Columbus, Ohio reports that untested, unapproved software patches have been installed in many Ohio counties

–Florida county “lost” 1,000 early votes from African-American precincts

–Oregon Sen. Ron Wyden has placed a hold on the renewal of the 2008 FISA law which legalizes unconstittutional wiretaps

–military defense lawyers at Guntanamo request national video feed of KSM trial, currently only available for select family members of victims

–In New York City, marathon is cancelled as 1 million have power restored, 3 million still in the dark

–Sean Hannity feeds hysteria of Sandy’s victims, blames the federal govt for slow response–the same governemnt he wanst

–Jon  Stewart first replays NJ Gov. Christie’s attacks on Obama from 12 days ago, then his glowing remarks for Obama’s response to the catastrophe

–CIA issues timeline of 9/11/12 Benghazi attack, especially aimed at refuting claim from FoxNews that CIA ordered its spies on the ground to “stand down”.  Still, we don’t know why Susan Rice continued top call the attack “spontaneous”

–Secretary of State Clinton wants to reshuffle the Syrian opposition leadership, as if we are running it

–Israel admits to 1988 assassination of Palestinian leader