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PBC News & Comment $6 Bil Buys Lose-Lose Election

Glenn Beck (rhymes with dreck) completes 40-day fast, praying that Obama will go away;  PBC’s glad Obama’s emails  will stop….Election day finally arrives, ending the onslaught of campaign ads and corporate deception.  In the final minutes of his radio show today, Beck turned a prayer for America into an anti-Obama screed, followed by a commercial that declared Obama the enemy of energy industries, belied by Obama’s support for “clean” coal and offshore drilling, and the record profits of price-gouging oil companies.  Two hours later, Rusty Limbaugh repeated the same talking points, blaming Obama for the layoffs by profiteering resource extractors.  It’s mourning in America.

–PBC reviews the TV movie about Seal Team 6 that aired on the NatGeoWar channel Sunday night.  A great infomercial for Obama, it’s built on the myths of 9/11 and rationalizations of torture and vengeance without blowback.  It has moments of truthiness, like the scene where a CIA official who’s opposed to the raid argues that bin Laden was already dead, and the order not to take him alive.

NY Times story by James Risen covers rape in the military, finally catching up with our coverage here

–Israel wanted to attack Iran in 2010, but Netanyahu was blocked by military and intelligence leaders

–US has two aircraft carrier groups in the Persian Gulf, and one of the commanders was relieved last week for unknown reasons.  Britain rebuffed US request to stage an attack using British bases.  Regardless who takes the White House, it looks like we’ll get war with Iran

–Hamas is negotiating with itself, signaling a willingness to abandon “right of return”

–major election problems in battleground states:  we offer headlines, get detailed reports from Bradblog and Free Press