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PBC News & Comment: Big Money lost in this election

Romney’s loss shows that, despite massive infusions of corporate cash, enough voters rejected Rove, Koch Bros., lies of rich & famous…..Obama’s popular vote margin was about the same as BushCo’s purloined tally in 2004, but the Electoral College gap of 100+ votes should be claimed as a Democratic mandate and clear rejection of right wing trickle down policies.

–we honor the election protection community, which raised awareness that limited or prevented outright manipulation of the vote count.  There is much work to do to fix our broken election system, and little indication that elected leaders will address the problems–after all, it got them elected!

–Sinclair TV station aired one-sided pre-election specials in Florida and Ohio, illustrating the media’s twin roles: biased coverage, and profiteering from big campaign media spending

–Obama has offered no real ideas for his second term, and the lame duck session promises to be really lame:  PBC expects that defense cuts will be traded for expiration of tax cuts for super-rich, FISA will be extended, and we may get a war with Iran

–scoreboard of winners and losers:  California’s 40-year House member and only atheist in the House, Pete Stark, is defeated