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PBC News & Comment: $11 mil secret donation linked to Koch Bros.

California Supreme Court forces disclosure of part of 4-step money laundering scheme linked to Koch Brothers; more on election corruption...Outside right wing groups used sophisticated 4-step process to launder $11 million to defeat tax increase initiative and pass union-limiting measure.  Originating "nonprofit" is Americans for Job Security, which is pretty clearly linked to Americans for Prosperity and Koch money.

Only 47 funders have provided 80% of the money for the 11 propositions on the California ballot.  Total raised is $372 million, and the Mungers, Molly and Charley, have put in $71 million.

--on Jeopardy last night, I saw 3 commercials in a row with the same message: "I voted for Obama in '08, won't do it this year".  The first was from an unidentified dark nonprofit, the second from Rove's American Crossroads, and the third was a Romney campaign spot--all 3 nearly identical in message

--Brad Friedman is covering the breaking news on election problems at Bradblog, including a video from a Pennsylvania voter whose touch scrren machine would not accept a vote for Obama and a detailed explanation on the computer code that was installed in Ohio last week

--Steve Horn at DeSmogblog details astroturf opposition to local measure to block fracking in Mansfield, Ohio

--your humble host reveals failed efforts to get an interview with a representative of The Catholic Association, a murky outfit that deploys extreme pro-life women to promote the policies of the Catholic bishops.  They recently promoted a voter guide that is balatantly pro-Republican; if this group is funded by the bishops, their tax-exempt status might be challenged

--Arizona GOP senate candidate Jeff Flake accused of paying for robocalls to Dems with intentionally inaccurate polling place info

--Arizona's recent abortion law is on the rocks at Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals in San Francisco

--Greeks protest and hold general strike to oppose more austerity