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PBC News & Comment: $11 mil secret donation linked to Koch Bros.

California Supreme Court forces disclosure of part of 4-step money laundering scheme linked to Koch Brothers; more on election corruption…Outside right wing groups used sophisticated 4-step process to launder $11 million to defeat tax increase initiative and pass union-limiting measure.  Originating “nonprofit” is Americans for Job Security, which is pretty clearly linked to Americans for Prosperity and Koch money.

Only 47 funders have provided 80% of the money for the 11 propositions on the California ballot.  Total raised is $372 million, and the Mungers, Molly and Charley, have put in $71 million.

–on Jeopardy last night, I saw 3 commercials in a row with the same message: “I voted for Obama in ’08, won’t do it this year”.  The first was from an unidentified dark nonprofit, the second from Rove’s American Crossroads, and the third was a Romney campaign spot–all 3 nearly identical in message

–Brad Friedman is covering the breaking news on election problems at Bradblog, including a video from a Pennsylvania voter whose touch scrren machine would not accept a vote for Obama and a detailed explanation on the computer code that was installed in Ohio last week

–Steve Horn at DeSmogblog details astroturf opposition to local measure to block fracking in Mansfield, Ohio

–your humble host reveals failed efforts to get an interview with a representative of The Catholic Association, a murky outfit that deploys extreme pro-life women to promote the policies of the Catholic bishops.  They recently promoted a voter guide that is balatantly pro-Republican; if this group is funded by the bishops, their tax-exempt status might be challenged

–Arizona GOP senate candidate Jeff Flake accused of paying for robocalls to Dems with intentionally inaccurate polling place info

–Arizona’s recent abortion law is on the rocks at Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals in San Francisco

–Greeks protest and hold general strike to oppose more austerity