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PBC News & Comment: Plea Deal for Bradley Manning?

Bradley Manning, accused in the WiliLeaks case, has submitted a motion of “exceptions and substitutions”

Manning’s attorney, who has tried to negotiate a deal before with prosecutors, is asking the court martial to strike some of the charges in exchange for a guilty plea. A federal grand jury continues to investigate WikiLeaks, supporting the contention of Julian Assange that the US will try to extradite him for trial.

NY Times talks about Obama’s “mandate”, as GOP House leader Boehner asserts there’s no mandate to raise taxes

–Senate leader Harry Reid says he will try to change filibuster rules in January

–Iran fires on US drone; on Wednesday, the US launched its 37th drone strike in Yemen this year, claiming to kill an al Quada leader

–Huffington Post article on drones quotes expert saying that, despite the expansion of strikes, the number of militants has tripled

–in meeting in Qatar, US annoints new leader of Syrian opposition, a bad move

–Jared Loughner, who pled guilty to shooting Rep. Gabrielle Giffords and killing 6 others, is sentenced to life in prison