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PBC News & Comment: Plea Deal for Bradley Manning?

Bradley Manning, accused in the WiliLeaks case, has submitted a motion of "exceptions and substitutions"

Manning's attorney, who has tried to negotiate a deal before with prosecutors, is asking the court martial to strike some of the charges in exchange for a guilty plea. A federal grand jury continues to investigate WikiLeaks, supporting the contention of Julian Assange that the US will try to extradite him for trial.

--NY Times talks about Obama's "mandate", as GOP House leader Boehner asserts there's no mandate to raise taxes

--Senate leader Harry Reid says he will try to change filibuster rules in January

--Iran fires on US drone; on Wednesday, the US launched its 37th drone strike in Yemen this year, claiming to kill an al Quada leader

--Huffington Post article on drones quotes expert saying that, despite the expansion of strikes, the number of militants has tripled

--in meeting in Qatar, US annoints new leader of Syrian opposition, a bad move

--Jared Loughner, who pled guilty to shooting Rep. Gabrielle Giffords and killing 6 others, is sentenced to life in prison