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PBC News & Comment: Gen. Betray-us Resigns as CIA Director

Gen. David Petraeus, the Surgemeister for Bush and Obama, quits to spend more time with his mistress; Obama claims mandate

In a White House appearance with a cheering posse, and apparently no questions from pesky reporters, Obama says he has a mandate to raise taxes on the rich

–Paul Krugman joins others in daring GOP to take us over the “fiscal cliff”

–in an adjacent op-ed, attorney Eric L. Lewis urges Obama to restore human rights by releasing 86 cleared prisoners from Gitmo, trying remaining suspects in US courts, ending indefinite detention, and reining in drone use. Not bad for the corporate media!

–Jason Leopold at reports that autopsy of Yemeni who died at Gitmo in September is complete, quote’s dead man’s brother’s blistering comments about US “justice”

–US Supreme Court agrees to review case regarding Voting Rights Act, as mappers show that anti-Obama racist tweets are centered in southern states

–Ari Berman of The Nation shows that GOP voter suppression tactics actually led to larger turnout from targeted groups

–Mark Crispin Miller is slimed in NY Times for his vigilance about our broken elections process.