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Brad Friedman on KPOJ/Portland Format Change, plus Updates on Election Problems This Year; John Ringer Brings Us a New Political Song & Video


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Brad Friedman of
returns with a recap of the problems in our recent elections.

But first, Bradblog broke the story last Friday 11/9 that the first successful AM progressive talk station since the launch of Air America in 2004, KPOJ in Portland, OR, has changed to a sports format with no advance notice. We talk about impending changes at other stations, and name Seattle next, due to the expansion of sports talk that CBS Radio and others have announced for 2013. We comment of the lack of regulation and competition, and how local stations are operated in the interests of the owners–who also profit from the network shows they own–not the listeners. We also note that Democrats, including the Obama campaign, spent a billion dollars this year but didn’t steer any of it to progressive radio or blogs.
Then Brad updates Ohio’s election snags and Congressional District 18 in Florida, where Rep. Allen West (R-Extreme) is within a few hundred votes of challenger Patrick Murphy–and says West has good reason to verify the vote count, which mysteriously dropped at one point in the process. He also talks about FL Gov. Rick Scott’s decision to investigate election problems (including ridiculously long lines)by appointing the Secretary of State to investigate himself.
And we close with a snarky NY Times report on Mark Crispin Miller, which ridiculed him as a “voice of doom” for offering critical thinking on our broken election system.

59 minutes in, we talk with John Ringer, a regular guy who likes to write political songs. He’s back with his new one, The American Way, which takes on the drone wars and the attitudes of Americans. Here’s a link to the video, be sure to watch it and send John your comments via his website.