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Journalist Robert Parry Shares the Truth About David Petraeus–Scandals Ignored by Corporate Media; Prof. Randall Wray on the Risks of a ‘Grand Bargain’ and Cuts to Medicare, Social Security


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Robert Parry, publisher and writer at Consortium News, returns with the history and context missing from the coverage of the Petraeus scandal; Economics Professor L. Randall Wray on the concocted “fiscal cliff”

Parry is a veteran reporter who helped break the Iran-Contra scandal, and today he offers an honest appraisal of the over-hyped career of David Petraeus. He talks about the general’s neocon connections, his role in limiting the options presented to Obama about Afghanistan in 2009, the failures of the “surge” in Iraq he gets credit for, and the failures of his counterinsurgency policies in Afghanistan.

Professor Wray warns that Obama may agree to a “grand bargain” that leads to cuts in Social Security and Medicare. He disagrees with your humble host about the wisdom of the payroll tax cut that is expiring, and says that Wall Street views entitlement programs as competition for our money. Prof. Wray’s blog is here.