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PBC News & Comment: Oops, Nancy Pelosi stays on

Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi surprises PBC, says she will remain; Obama defends Susan Rice to media, she’ll replace Hillary

Robert Parry reveals the truth about Gen. Petraeus, in an excerpt from today’s in-depth interview

–Gareth Porter reports that Paula Broadwell, while embedded in Afghanistan, reported on the destruction of an entire village that violated the Petraeus counterinsurgency plan, and may be a war crime

–Porter previously reported on the March 11, 2012 killing of 16 blamed on Sgt. Robert Bales, now facing court martial; Porter’s sources indicate that Bales did not act alone, as charged

–Israel pounds Gaza, kills Hamas leader and 18 others; 3 Israelis killed by Palestinian rockets

–S. F. Chronicle notices the loss of constitutional rights

–N. Y. Times delivers debate on Obama’s targeted killing program, after the election