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PBC News & Comment: Seattle Next to Lose AM Progressive Talk Station?

AM progressive talk reaches unfortunate tipping point, as KPTK in Seattle is expected to drop lib talk for more sports blather

PBC observes that prospects are bleak for progressive talk format…with no West Coast stations, the syndicated shows are not “national”, not viable. Sign the Seattle petition here

–Egypt faces general strike over Morsi’s power grab, protesters face tear gas in Cairo

–Obama warns Syria not to use chemical weapons

–reported Afghan troop deaths rise, offering grisly and misleading message that Afghans can secure their own country

–Karzai takes control of US prison at Bagram

–Iran captures drone

Washington Post reports on numerous crashes of US drones

–at Consortium News, Robert Parry has exclusive on Sunday’s arson incident in Montreal aimed at former Israeli spy (and October Surprise source) Ari Ben-Menashe; Ray McGovern explains why Susan Rice should not be next Secretary of State

–New York Jews applaud UN vote on Palestinian status

–Coast Guard officer killed off California coast

–ACLU sues to stop arbitrary searches of computers, phones at US borders

–law enforcement tries to water down Sen. Leahy’s bill on privacy of our email and text messages

–TSA chief skips House hearing

–Pentagon counsel Jeh Johnson daydreams about end of war on terror in Oxford speech