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PBC News & Comment: Dave Brubeck’s final “Time Out”; GOP Dysfunction

Jazz legend Dave Brubeck dies;  Fox “News” benches Rove and Morris, offered deal to Petraeus to run for prez…..

….and Dick Armey, former Texas congressman and Gingrich crony, was paid $8 million to leave Freedom Works, the corporate front for Tea Party extremists

–as Obama considers how many troops will stay in Afghanistan after we “leave” in 2014,Washington Post reports that the number of civilians in the country after that date is being scaled back. The Senate passed a non-binding resolution calling for expedited troop withdrawals….but these moves are contradicted by the new, no-bid contract for mercenaries with Blackwater, now known as Academi

–100,000 protest in Cairo against Morsi’s power grab

–hackers hit IAEA servers, were they Iranians?  This underscores the need for debate and congressional authorization for cyber wars

–new data show that gender-based wage gap remains….take a look here

–on MSNBC, Rachel Maddow’s tone has shifted from Obama cheerleader to mild critic of war policies

–in NY Times op-ed, 2 Clinton-era staffers meekly ask for re-defining the mission of the CIA away from its paramilitary role