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PBC News & Comment: Ugly “Secrets” of Obama’s War in Yemen

Blowback in Yemen: expert Gregory Johnsen of Princeton, tells how US attacks backfire, and opposes John Brennan as CIA boss...  --In 2 excerpts from our in-depth interview, Johnsen describes how US military operations in Yemen are producing a backlash that makes al Qaeda stronger, even as the Obama administration tells us we are droning them into submission.  He also says we need fresh leadership--not John Brennan--at CIA and we should end its  paramilitary role.

--a US carrier group is poised off the coast of Syria, as Obama and Clinton threaten to attack if Assad uses chemical weapons

--official leaks in the Washington Post reveal that we are making plans to deploy the troops of other countries in Mali in the new year

--Medea Benjamin of Code Pink just left Gaza, and reports that Israel's recent 8-day assault left survivors who want to fight back, kinda like in Yemen

--Dr. Phil Butler, former POW in Viet Nam, made some important comments in this op-ed about our present war policies and footprint

--Egypt continues to deteriorate as Morsi cracks down on protesters. Tomorrow, an interview with Prof. Noha Radwan, who no longer supports Morsi

--Apple announces it will build computers in the US, starting next year

--Oakland cops reach a deal to avoid federal receivership of an outlaw police department