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PBC News & Comment: Supreme Court Catholics will review Prop 8 and DOMA

Supreme Court announces it will review California's Prop. 8 and Bill Clinton's fiasco Defense of Marriage and Lewinsky Distraction Act....--the Court takes up the cases the same day the state of Washington starts issuing same-sex marriage licenses and legalizes marijuana.  PBC warns that the state-federal tensions over pot run deep, and Obama shifted to the right for the campaign

--Egypt crisis continues, here is an excerpt from our interview with Prof. Radwan, who fears Morsi may not recover from recent blunders

--yesterday, we reported on Medea Benjamin's dispatch from Gaza.  Here is the audio from and incident earlier this year, where she interrupted a speech by John Brennan to speak up for drone victims

--Sen. Mitch McConnell may be the first senator to filibuster his own bill

--Sen. Jim DeMint quits to lead Heritage think tank

--in this excerpt from our in-depth interview, Deborah Rogers talks about the huge exagerations of the shale gas industry

--Michigan passes right-to-work bills, a serious blow to auto workers