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PBC News & Comment: N.Y. Times Ends Blackout on Manning Pre-trial Proceedings

Prodded by its Public Editor, NY Times sends reporter to  Day 9 of Manning hearings, buries catch-up story in Saturday edition...

Since The Times and other corporate media have greatly benefited from WikiLeaks, it's quite ironic that they have refused to cover the important pre-trial events

--US quietly inserts 3,000 troops back into Iraq in prep for war on Syria, up to 17,000 more expected to follow

--US announces it is supply advanced weapons (taken from Libya) to the opposition in Syria

--more drone strikes in Pakistan, US killed al Qaeda's #2 guy, again

--Morsi bends to demonstrators, but Egyptian crisis continues

--Senate Intel committee approves 6,000 page report on detention, torture and rendition--we may never see a word of it

--Senate blocked funds for more spies from Defense Intelligence Agency in new budget bill

--Senate fillibuster rules may change, but court challenge is also under way

--Obama goes to Michigan on fiscal cliff tour, also speaks out (finally) against right to work law

--Obama's second inauguration will accept corporate donations, unlike 2009

--Climate conference ends in Qatar

--new study from U Delaware shows we can move to all-renewables by 2030

--Texas drafts new drilling rules with some restrictions on fracking