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PBC News & Comment: N.Y. Times Ends Blackout on Manning Pre-trial Proceedings

Prodded by its Public Editor, NY Times sends reporter to¬† Day 9 of Manning hearings, buries catch-up story in Saturday edition…

Since The Times and other corporate media have greatly benefited from WikiLeaks, it’s quite ironic that they have refused to cover the important pre-trial events

–US quietly inserts 3,000 troops back into Iraq in prep for war on Syria, up to 17,000 more expected to follow

–US announces it is supply advanced weapons (taken from Libya) to the opposition in Syria

–more drone strikes in Pakistan, US killed al Qaeda’s #2 guy, again

–Morsi bends to demonstrators, but Egyptian crisis continues

–Senate Intel committee approves 6,000 page report on detention, torture and rendition–we may never see a word of it

–Senate blocked funds for more spies from Defense Intelligence Agency in new budget bill

–Senate fillibuster rules may change, but court challenge is also under way

–Obama goes to Michigan on fiscal cliff tour, also speaks out (finally) against right to work law

–Obama’s second inauguration will accept corporate donations, unlike 2009

–Climate conference ends in Qatar

–new study from U Delaware shows we can move to all-renewables by 2030

–Texas drafts new drilling rules with some restrictions on fracking