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PBC News & Comment: Sadly, School Shootings Not New

Some reflections on the Newtown, CT school shooting, recalling 1979 San Diego school killings that inspired “I Don’t Like Mondays”…..“Tell Me Why” is the song’s chorus, and what we are struggling with.

–PBC comments on slim prospects of any meaningful regulation or reform stemming from the immediate good intentions.  But Sen. Feinstein will re-introduce assault weapons ban in January, and hairy-knuckled Sen. Joe Manchin (D-Clean Coal) says Newtown has melted his opposition

–Obama’s grief over Newtown is undercut by his drone killing of the 16-year-old from Colorado, Abdulrahman al-Awlaki in Yemen

–Steve Pizzo has a list of ten ideas here

–Pizzo has also launched a site to collect the daily local stories of gun deaths in the US

–Bernie Ward sent me some comments on fear as a contributor

–Hawaii Senator Dan Inouye dies at 88; Rep. Tim Scott (R-SC) named to replace Jim DeMint in the Senate

–Obama signals that feds won’t crack down on legal weed in Colorado and Washington, but that’s not our experience here in California with medical cannabis

–a reminder to support Gov. Don Siegelman’s bid for clemency

–comments on a visit to the de Young Museum in Golden Gate Park for an exhibit of modern art from the collection of the late CBS mogul William S. Paley (closes 12/30) and one about ballet great Rudolph Nureyev (through February 2013).