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PBC News & Comment: Dan Ellsberg Announces Freedom of the Press Foundation

Supporting WikiLeaks and others who splash sunshine on secrets and blow whistles on lawbreakers, Dan Ellsberg co-founds new foundation…–this just in:  Ellsberg has agreed to join PBC this Sunday 12/23 on KGO-AM, streaming here starting at 10 am PST

–“I am Adam Lanza’s Mother”, declares Liza Long in this op-ed plea for mental health services

–cops in Connecticut threaten to prosecute purveyors of false information in social media–but no threats to the corporate media outlets that blast unproven information from Facebook and Twitter

–11 Afghan girls die in roadside bomb attack, little reaction here

–only about a third of voters turned out in Egypt to vote on the new constitution

–conservative, pro-nuclear power party wins election in Japan

–despite Putin crackdown, 2,000 protested in Moscow last weekend

The Economist reports that Boeing and Airbus have tried, unsuccessfully, to prove that cell phones and computers interfere with airline navigation systems

–TSA terrorizes 12-year-old girl in wheelchair at Dallas-Ft. Worth airport, details here

–a few samples of the funniest tweets of 2012