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PBC News & Comment: Dan Ellsberg Announces Freedom of the Press Foundation

Supporting WikiLeaks and others who splash sunshine on secrets and blow whistles on lawbreakers, Dan Ellsberg co-founds new foundation...--this just in:  Ellsberg has agreed to join PBC this Sunday 12/23 on KGO-AM, streaming here starting at 10 am PST

--"I am Adam Lanza's Mother", declares Liza Long in this op-ed plea for mental health services

--cops in Connecticut threaten to prosecute purveyors of false information in social media--but no threats to the corporate media outlets that blast unproven information from Facebook and Twitter

--11 Afghan girls die in roadside bomb attack, little reaction here

--only about a third of voters turned out in Egypt to vote on the new constitution

--conservative, pro-nuclear power party wins election in Japan

--despite Putin crackdown, 2,000 protested in Moscow last weekend

--The Economist reports that Boeing and Airbus have tried, unsuccessfully, to prove that cell phones and computers interfere with airline navigation systems

--TSA terrorizes 12-year-old girl in wheelchair at Dallas-Ft. Worth airport, details here

--a few samples of the funniest tweets of 2012