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PBC News & Comment: Feinstein Band-Aid Ripped From NDAA Wound

Just 2 weeks after Senate passed Feinstein amendment to limit extreme detention law, it’s been deleted by House-Senate conference…While the Feinstein amendment was well-intentioned, it had a huge loophole that could have permitted detention of a US citizen without trial or charge; nonetheless, it was removed from the defense money bill

–the “fiscal cliff” charade continues, as Obama negotiates with himself; his reduced demands for taxes and acceptance of phantom GOP cuts would only offset 20% of current red ink, and would not reduce long term debt.  His offer of new, reduced formula for Social Security check increases is reckless and insulting, would have zero impact on deficit

–Obama holds news conference, seems serious about new gun laws; but gun lobby will deflect or defeat most proposals

–California legislators consider license required to buy bullets, other measures

–State Dept forces out 3 over Benghazi deaths

–Treasury will begin to sell its GM stock

–Robert Bork, who came to exemplify rejection of a Supreme Court nominee (as in “to Bork”) has died

–8 helath workers offering polio vaccine in Pakistan have been killed, partly due to phony vaccinations used to try to locate bin Laden

–some new regulations affect fracking in California

–EPA issues stronger limits on soot in the air