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PBC News & Comment: Globe’s A-warming, Australia on Fire

Australia and US both recorded hottest years in 2012;  wild fires and record temperatures down under right now, inaction rules. Record temperatures and high winds are fueling huge fires in Australia and Tasmania.  Like Australia, temperatures in the US hit new records in 2012.

We hear an excerpt from our in-depth interview with retired CIA analyst Ray McGovern on John Brennan, nominated to run the CIA.  “This guy is poison”, says McGovern and “he was a failure as a junior analyst when I was a senior analyst”.

–Jacob Lew, who used the revolving door from the Clinton administration to CitiGroup and is now Obama’s chief of staff, will be nominated as Treasury Secretary, continuing the protection of Wall Street thugs

–AIG has decided not to sue over purported losses to shareholders from its massive 2008 bailout

–military contractor L3 is paying almost $6 million to Iraqis who were abused or tortured at Abu Grhaib prison after it was “Gitmo-ized”

–former Halliburton subsidiary KBR was ordered to pay $85 million in damages to troops exposed to toxic chemicals, now wants the government to pay the fine and $15 million in legal costs, based on indemnities in the sweetheart contract enabled by their former CEO, Dick Cheney

–Vice President Joe Biden convenes first meeting on new gun control efforts

–former Congresswoman and shooting victim Gabby Giffords and her husband form PAC to elect candidates who support new gun regulations