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PBC News & Comment: 11 Years of Gitmo, No End in Sight

Friday, January 11 marks 11 years of the barbaric offshore Guantanamo prison; British journalist Andy Worthington updates the sorry situation.....We open with an excerpt from our next in-depth interview, which includes a segment with Andy Worthington on Gitmo

--Bradley Manning court martial delayed again, to June 3 as judge gives token acknowledgment to his Gitmo-style treatment at Quantico

--San Francisco federal judge rejects secret evidence from the government in case about the "No Fly List"

--Texas high school student loses appeal over refusal to wear electronic tagging device

--high school student near Bakersfield, CA killed by gun-wielding fellow student

--VP Biden says he will deliver new gun policy plans to Obama next week

--Rush Limbaugh blames black mortgage holders, Jesse Jackson and Barack Obama for the Wall Street meltdown