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PBC News & Comment: 11 Years of Gitmo, War Crimes of Viet Nam

Guantanamo turns 11, and we present author Nick Turse on his new book on Viet Nam atrocities, which went largely unpunished….PBC argues with a NY Times op-ed “Don’t Close Guantanamo”, by former Human Rights Watch lawyer Jennifer Daskal, who offers lame arguments for changing her mind on Gitmo

–Strong excerpts from our in-depth interview with Nick Turse, who has chronicled some of the major abuses of the Geneva Conventions and other laws in his new book, Kill Anything That Moves. The full interview, along with our conversation with Andy Worthington about Guantanamo is available to subscribers today

–Obama and Karzai agree to faster US withdrawal from Afghanistan, with a cover story just like Viet Nam: the Afghans are ready to take over

–in Quetta Pakistan, attacks kill 115

–US submarine hit by fishing trawler in Persian Gulf

5 Broken Cameras is a documentary that has been nominated for an Oscar, we will post a podcast about it next week.  In the West Bank today, a group of Palestinian settlers are trying to reclaim their land, an action depicted in the film

–Biden signals that new assault weapons ban is not the central part of the package of new regulations: is he reflecting the reality of opposition in the Senate, or a failure of leadership?

–in yesterday’s school shooting near Bakersfield, an unarmed teacher persuaded the shooter to drop his gun after killing another student

–in this op-ed, law professor makes a good case for requiring insurance for gun owners

–critics call Obama’s new cabinet a “boy’s club”

–paroled California life prisoner kills his mother, the first lifer to re-offend in 23 years or more

–an actual snake was on a plane, in Australia

–Gary Chew reviews Zero Dark 30