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PBC News & Comment: Courtroom Antics, from Gitmo to ‘Bubba the Love Sponge’

Jason Leopold posts from Guantanamo; court throws out "conspiracy" charges; Obama shuts down "Close Gitmo" office, creating "tomb" for many...Truthout's Jason Leopold posts brief statement from Guantanamo, as prosecutor Martins tries to dismiss "conspiracy" charges against KSM and 4 others, since an appeals court has twice thrown out similar charges.  The special office at the State Department that was supposed to manage the shutdown of Guantanamo is being shut down.

--Pentagon announces 5x increase in cyberwar staff, allegedly in response to cyber threats

--Glenn Greenwald offers great analysis, says the expansion reflects our aggressive offense in cyber wars

--Egypt cracks down on protests in Cairo and 3 other cities, Morsi uses Mubarak tactics to quell them, making things worse

--Israel dials down threats to Iran, dials up threats to Syria, as Israeli group confirms IDF kills unarmed Palestinians

--fires kill garment workers in Bangladesh, hundreds of party people in Brazil

--Friday's ruling against Obama's recess appointments to NLRB have real impact on working people

--national boy scout group, reeling from exposures of sex crimes, considers lifting its ban on gay scout leaders

--Florida shock jocks in court:  Todd Schnitt vs. Todd Clem (aka Bubba the Love Sponge): it's all pretty ugly, shows how low broadcasters will stoop to make money

--Virginia man who exposed his chest (with 4th Amendment scrawled on it) at airport security wins right to trial