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PBC News & Comment: Immigration Reform Launched: Can “Amnesty” Tag Be Avoided?

After 7-year break, immigration debate returns; can supporters avoid the label “amnesty?” Leopold at Gitmo: Judge not sure he’s in charge…..McCain and other GOP leaders admit it’s about the growing strength of Latino voters, and allow immigration reform to resurface.

–Jason Leopold is covering hearings in the KSM trial at Guantanamo, and filed this report today, showing that the judge isn’t in control of the censorship system

–John Kerry sails to confirmation as Secretary of State, 94-3.  One more time, here is “The Case Against Kerry” by Prof.  Stephen Zunes

–Barack and Hillary crashed 60 minutes on Sunday, and he teed her up to run for President in 2016

–in this excerpt from our in-depth invterview, Mel Goodman talks about the nomination of John Brennan to run the CIA

–Sarah Palin ejected from Fox “News” Island

–Rick Perlstein in Rolling Stone details FBI entrapment of Occupy protesters

–6 states now have “ag-gags” promoted by ALEC, which outlaw undercover investigation of animal cruelty or health safety issues on factory farms

–another update on the Bubba the Love Sponge libel trial, which is staying ugly

–a great new film about the life and work of Mumia Abu Jamal opens in New York City this week, get details here