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PBC News & Comment: Sex Scandal Hits New Senate Foreign Relations Chair

Snickering just starting, as Sen. Menendez moves up to chair Foreign Relations,  faces allegations he used hookers in Dominican Republic…

As FBI raids Florida office of Menendez donor and party pal, CREW releases emails from accuser and asks for investigation

–Massachusetts governor passes over Barney Frank, appoints a buddy named Mo to fill Kerry’s Senate seat until special election

–Hagel nomination draws attacks and some support from SuperPACs, another ugly outcome of Citizens United

–progressives promote Rep. Raul Grijalva (D-AZ), chair of House Progressive Caucus, to Secretary of Interior

–BP pleads guilty in Gulf oil platform blowout, agrees to pay $4 billion in damages

–Gabbie Giffords and husband Mark Kelly testify at Senate committee on guns, Kelly gets in the face of NRA leader

–as gun regulation hearings get underway in Sacramento, news surfaces about 20,000 Californians who are banned from gun possession, but hold an estimated 40,000 guns

–federal 3-judge panel gives California 6 more months to reduce prison population

–state court says California prisons may not segregate inmates based on race

–Israel refuses to submit to UN Human Rights panel review