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PBC News & Comment: Enviros Draw Line in the Tar Sands for Obama

Activists staging February 17 rally to pressure President Obama and John Kerry to kill Keystone XL pipeline, address climate crisis….Sierra Club and others, including big Dem donor Susie Buell, are pressuring Obama to reject Keystone XL

–investigation of Sen. Menendez exposes influence peddled for big donor and party pal Dr. Melgen

–French claim victory in Mali, liberate Timbuktu

–hear an except from today’s big interview with Pepe Escobar about Mali, Libya, Algeria–here he talks about the warlord Belmokhtar, and who is funding and arming the rebels

–confirmation hearings for nominated CIA director John Brennan are set for Feb. 7–Reuters reports Brennan knew all about Bush-era torture

–military leaders are increasingly being fired for sexual misconduct, reports Army Times

–Uzbekistan offers US exit route from Afghanistan, for a price

–US Navy can’t move minesweeper of reef in the Phillippines, will dismantle the ship and remove it

–L.A.’s archbishop sidelines the retired cardinal and the bishop of Santa Barbara as he releases uncensored reports on the coverup of criminal priests

–another dubious domestic terrorism conviction, as 21-year-old in Portland, OR is conviction for attempting to set off a bomb that the FBI gave him

–new report shows cost of buying an ambassadorship

–former Alabama Gov. Don Siegelman was framed for “selling” a position on an unpaid health board to a donor; supporters will join the annual march in Selma on March 3.  details