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Pepe Escobar is Back!! Commentary on Benghazi, Qaddaffi Blowback, Mali, Algeria and More



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Pepe Escobar, one of our favorite globe-trotting journalists and offshore voices, joins PBC and Sibel Edmonds for this fascinating analysis of the French war in Mali, the bloody hostage scene in Algeria, and blowback from the “liberation” of Libya.In this wide-ranging discussion, we start with the American sideshow on Benghazi, while no one talks about the blowback from the ouster of Qaddaffi and the mercenaries and rebels who got rearmed and cashed up in the Libyan adventure.  Escobar breaks down the various armed factions and some of the leaders in Mali, details the hostage showdown at the gas facility in Algeria, and tells us that the arms and money for the rebels are coming from Saudi Arabia and Qatar.  Escobar has travelled in this region, and offers colorful descriptions of the people and places.  We talk about America’s new Africom command post, and the role of 3,500 US troops who were sent to Africa recently.  He gives us a sense of France’s interest in the uranium of Niger and the gold in Mali, which are likely to conflict with US intentions.  Escobar also touches on China’s expanding, but non-military, presence in Africa.

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