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PBC News & Comment: “Justice” Dept. Pursues Wall St. Crimes, But Not the Criminals

Justice Department sues Standard and Poor's, seeking $1 billion in damages for phony ratings on toxic securities, no criminal prosecutions...The ratings agencies were just one part of the corruption on Wall Street, will more suits follow?

--details on allegations of offshore sex parties from prostitute who says she did Sen. Menendez (D-NJ) as she turned 17

--in an excerpt from today's in-depth interview, Jason Leopold of Truthout talks about the courtroom surprise that upset Guantanamo judge James Pohl

--in a recent post, Marcy Wheeler raises important issues about the use of a torture "box" or coffin that is depicted in Zero Dark 30 and was discussed in public last week by former CIA officers.  PBC incorrectly stated that Wheeler is still writing at FireDogLake.

--as Israel admits it hit Syria with air strikes, we learn that one of the targets was a chemical weapons facility

--the Pakistani teen named Malala who has become a media darling obscures coverage of teen girls and others killed by US drone strikes in Pakistan

--White House releases photo of Obama skeet shooting

--former Navy Seal dubbed "American Sniper" killed by fellow vet at shooting range in Texas

--oil industry licks its chops, ready to frack California's Monterey Shale

--Hoooooray!  San Diego pulls the plug on red light cameras

--Oakland's rogue police department slides further out of compliance with federal court overseer, as cops refuse to report lawbreaking by other cops

Forgot to mention, the 49ers came up short in the Superbowl.