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Debriefing: Jason Leopold Reports on His Week at Guantanamo



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Jason Leopold, lead investigative journalist at Truthout, gives an in-depth report on his recent visit to Guantanamo, where he covered pre-trial hearings for Khalid Sheikh Muhammed case.  As promised, Leopold shares his experience at the prison at Guantanamo Bay.  We discuss the story he broke last week, about the remote controlled activation of the censorship system, to the surprise of the judge and his courtroom security officer.  Leopold breaks the story down for us, complete with descriptions of the military base, the prison camp, the courtroom scene and the proceedings. He describes the reaction of the judge, surprised by an unnamed remote actor who cut off the audio and video feeds without the judge’s knowledge.  He talks about defense efforts to secure the black site prisons as evidence, and the prosecutor’s call to dismiss conspiracy and material support charges agains the 5 defendants, since those charges have been thrown out in other cases.  He describes the ground rules and other limits placed on reporters, and the attempt to promote our government’s PR messages about “justice, transparency” and credibility.  This wide-ranging interview will give you a real sense of Guantanamo.