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PBC News & Comment: Obama’s “It’s not assassination” memo

Detailed commentary from your humble host on the leaked 16-page "Justice" Dept. white(wash) paper that rationalizes targeted killing of Americans NBC obtained a 16-page abstract of the longer legal brief that makes the case that it's OK for a president to order the killing of an American in a country that we are not at war with.  As PBC explains, the memo re-defines many terms and precedents to create huge loopholes that present dangerous opportunities for Obama and future presidents

--new Open Society report confirms that 54 countries colluded in the US rendition and detention program--some countries allowed us to run black prison sites where we employed torture, others provided the torture

--hear an excerpt from our interview with Jess Radack about the Kiriakou case

--new Libyan report about Benghazi adds more confusion

--new Bulgarian report names Hezbollah for attack in resort city last summer

--Obama will visit Israel, West Bank and Jordan in March

--Obama wants to delay the "sequester" automatic cuts, again

--in the UK, House of Commons approves marriage equality

--Miami Herald unable to locate prostitutes and witnesses to wild parties in Dominican Republic allegedly attended by NJ Senator Bob Menendez