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PBC News & Comment: Obama’s “It’s not assassination” memo

Detailed commentary from your humble host on the leaked 16-page “Justice” Dept. white(wash) paper that rationalizes targeted killing of Americans NBC obtained a 16-page abstract of the longer legal brief that makes the case that it’s OK for a president to order the killing of an American in a country that we are not at war with.  As PBC explains, the memo re-defines many terms and precedents to create huge loopholes that present dangerous opportunities for Obama and future presidents

–new Open Society report confirms that 54 countries colluded in the US rendition and detention program–some countries allowed us to run black prison sites where we employed torture, others provided the torture

–hear an excerpt from our interview with Jess Radack about the Kiriakou case

–new Libyan report about Benghazi adds more confusion

–new Bulgarian report names Hezbollah for attack in resort city last summer

–Obama will visit Israel, West Bank and Jordan in March

–Obama wants to delay the “sequester” automatic cuts, again

–in the UK, House of Commons approves marriage equality

–Miami Herald unable to locate prostitutes and witnesses to wild parties in Dominican Republic allegedly attended by NJ Senator Bob Menendez