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PBC News & Comment: New HBO doc. exposes sex crime syndicate, run by the Pope

Mea Maxima Culpa, new Alex Gibney documentary on HBO shows current pope directed massive criminal coverup of sex crimes…..The film focuses on adult males who were molested as children by a priest named Murphy at St. John’s school for the deaf near Milwaukee.  It describes the sexual abuse that victimized at least 200 kids, and the role played by bishops and the Vatican in covering it up, spending over $2 billion in payoffs to silence victims.  Despite repeated credible reports of abuse, church leaders followed orders from Rome not to remove Murphy, which enabled him to continue to prey on deaf children.  And it clearly shows that for 25 years, the current pope managed the coverup, protecting criminal priests instead of young Catholics.

Today, the Los Angeles Archdiocese, which just released its files on sex crimes last week and has paid over $660 million in settlements, is planning to launch a fundraising drive to replenish its coffers

–in a secular coverup, WikiLeaks cables show that ObamaCo went to great lengths to block Spain from investigating crimes of torture and detention under Bush

–White House is silent on the memo leaked Monday about legal rationalizations for killing Americans with no legal process, as hearings for dronemeister John Brennan’s confirmation as CIA boss start tomorrow

–Obama names ex-oil executive Sally Jewell to head Interior Dept.

–Steve Horn reveals at DeSmogBlog that it was ex-Pennsylvania Governor Ed Rendell who intervened with EPA to block Texas fracking investigation

–oil companies, farmers and environmentalists agree on ending corn based ethanol subsidies

–facing concocted “budget crisis”, Post Office announces end to Saturday deliveries later this year

–California joins feds in suing Standard & Poor’s

–California lawmakers introduce bill to require insurance for gun owners

Christian Science Monitor reports that Pentagon was involved in ending Alabama crisis with 5-year-old hostage