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PBC News & Comment: Code Pink protests dronemeister Brennan

At confirmation hearing, Feinstein ejects Code Pink protesters as Brennan delivers contradictions on drone strikes, his preference to capture suspects….John Brennan seeks confirmation as CIA director from Senate Intelligence Committee, claims he wants military to run drone program; that’s contradicted by the drone “playbook” he just wrote at White House.  He claims he’d rather capture terrorism suspects; that’s contradicted by the record.  PBC says Senate is likely to confirm him, stamping approval of the targeted killing program in the process.

–Obama agrees to share secret memo on killing with Senate and House Intel committees; this is hardly “full disclosure”

–John Yoo gloats to conservative columnist, killing suspects is worse than waterboarding them

–US media knew about our secret drone base in Saudi Arabia, kept it secret for over a year

–at Senate hearing, Panetta dodges Benghazi question, says he agreed with Petraeus and H. CLinton about arming Syrian rebels

–corporate media blackout of NDAA detention law appeal; read about it here, tomorrow we talk with their attorney, Carl Mayer

–more evidence of influence peddling by Sen. Menendez in Washington Post

–Jesse Jackson, Jr. faces prison time for campaign finance misdeeds that involved his wife, Sandi, who abruptly resigned recently from Chicago City Council

–quick updates on Syria, Mali and Tunisia

–Jon Stewart gave a brilliant account of Obama’s secrecy and hypcrisy over drone killings