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PBC News & Comment: 20 CIA Detainees are Missing

Sen. Rand Paul threatens to place hold on nomination of John Brennan as CIA Director, report says 20 prisoners missing….Nonprofit investigative journalism site ProPublica follows up on 2009 investigation that showed 30 detainees unaccounted for; today the number is 20

–Obama’s State of the Union address was like a sales pitch, and included nice surprises like proposed $9 minimum wage and pre-school for all.  But especially on climate change he offered few details on achieving the goals he laid out

–the coverage of the speech competed with the live coverage of the showdown that reportedly killed the alleged killer cop, Chris Dorner, who had been fired by LAPD.  Intercepts of police radios and real-time rports suggest that the torching of the cabin was intentional

–New York’s new fracking rules have been delayed, and Steve Horn of DeSmogBlog says it’s too early to celebrate

–legislators in California look at tougher rules for fracking

–regulations from new consumer watchdog agency may be invalidated due to court ruling against Obama’s recess appointments

–Facebook billionaire Mark Zuckerberg is hosting fundraiser for NJ Governor Chris Christie

–more than 3,000 passengers are trapped on disabled cruise ship as it is towed to port