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PBC News & Comment: Grisly Valentine for Warmongers

California activists send 5,000 chocolate corpses to warmongers on Valentine’s day; 10 years ago tomorrow, millions protested invasion of Iraq….On February 15, 2003 millions took to the streets worldwide to protest the impending US invastion of Iraq.  Leaders who say “all the intelligence said Iraq had WMD” are liars, and millions of us knew it at the time

–11 more civilians killed in night raid in Afghanistan

–Inspector General for Afghan reconstruction calls for pause, before billions more are squandered; PBC references Peter van Buren, who exposed similar waste in Iraq and was fired from State Department

–Obama’s proposed bipartisan commission to end long lines on election day draws much criticism even before it goes through the motions

–proposal for new “assassination court” gets support from NY Times editorial, but PBC says we already have secret courts and secret evidence–and we should reject assassination, not create a secret process to enable it

–Obama signs executive order for online privacy, but it won’t protect our privacy much

–Rep. Chellie Pingree (D-ME) and Sen. Jon Tester (D-MT) introduce bill to ensure protection and benefits for victims of sex assault in the military

–Pope Benedict and his cronies in the Catholic sex crimes coverup may face charges in International Criminal Court

–NJ Sen. Frank Lautenberg announces he is retiring for the second time