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Reposting, Audio Fixed: PBC News & comment: Grayson Introduces Single Payer Bill

Rep. Alan Grayson (D-FL) returns to discuss his “Medicare You Can Buy Into Act”, which cost him re-election in 2010….this single-payer plan already exists, and is far more efficient than for-profit insurance.

In this excerpt, Grayson describes his proposal, and how it cost him his job in 2010.

–Senate Dems craft plan to cancel automatic “sequester” cuts, with higher taxes for rich, shale oil tax and cuts to defense and farm subsidies

–Hagel filibuster shows that Harry Reid blew it on filibuster reform

–Sen. Rand Paul says he’ll put hold on Brennan’s CIA nomination over drone and killing programs: right move for right reason

–corporate media coverage of the manhunt and immolation of ex-LA cop Chris Dorner is raising appropriate questions about the use of incendiary tear gas that caused the fire in the cabin where the fugitive was trapped

–two undocumented US residents risk deportation to advocate for immigration reform

–PBC notes that new gun regulations won’t reduce drug-related killings as long as the War-on-some-drugs continues

–glut of capital produces mergers, not new jobs

–near San Francisco, Alameda County Sheriff wants surveillance drone, but public opposition appears to have stalled the effort