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PBC News & Comment: Nationwide protests over Keystone XL Pipeline

As Obama golfs with Tiger Woods and oil baron Jim Crane, thousands protest against Keystone XL pipeline in many cities….PBC recommends this Ted video from Garth Lanz, a Canadian view of tarsands and the pipeline to Texas

–new studies show climate change is producing more winter blizzards, but less overall snowfall

–thanks to Alan Colmes for listing our podcast at his website!

–in this excerpt from today’s in-depth interview, journalist Steve Hendricks says little has changed since the CIA’s bungled caper in Milan 10 years ago

–Jon Stewart gave UN Ambassador Susan Rice the chance to rehabilitate herself on the Benghazi controversy last Thursday

–activists are holding a going away party for CIA whistleblower John Kiriakou in Washington Thursday, before he leaves for prison

–Gen. John Allen retires, vacating top NATO post

NY Times runs report with background on investigation of Sen. Menendez

–melodrama builds as Beltway-created crisis over budget cuts near deadline.  Dean Baker shows that there are many ways to raise cash and reduce the debt in this report

–Jesse Jackson, Jr. and wife Sandi both plead to a single count each, over misuse of campaign funds and false tax reports

–Hugo Chavez returns to Venezuela after 2 months of medical care in Cuba