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PBC News & Comment: Benghazi for Brennan–Let’s Make A Deal!

NY Times reports ugly deal is brewing: White House will give Benghazi details to GOP Senators to confirm Brennan at CIA….and this deal is intended to block demands from Dem Senators Wyden and Udall to see the Justice Dept. memos that justify the targeted killings of Americans overseas–y’know, the program that dronemeister Brennan has been running

–list of hostages grows as the bastard of Congress called “sequestration” threatens stupid budget cuts

–Ezra Klein in Washington Post explains how Obama has moved the tax-and-spending debate to the right, partly by negotiating with himself

–Oscar-nominated filmmaker Emad Burnat cleared Israeli checkpoints (after 6-hour wait) only to be detained at LAX on his way to a dinner with Michael Moore

–Sen. Menendez lawyers up and hunkers down over scandal

–Russia offers to broker peace in Syria, death toll now exceeds 70,000

–Gov. Brown staffers amend filing to remove insults to the special master appointed by courts to monitor California prisons

–in Oakland, court orders Ronald Ross released from San Quentin after 7 years for wrongful conviction