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PBC News & Comment: Whole Lotta Hackin’ Goin’ On!

Cyberspooks finger Chinese Army unit in Shanghai as major source of hack attacks;  Anonymous cracks US State Dept, Israeli site….–American activists resist drone proposals by local law enforcement, here is the article referenced

–hear excerpt from interview with Nadia Kayyali of Bill of Rights Defense Committee

–new numbers show spike in drone assaults in Afghanistan last year

–Pentagon picks 800,000 civilian workers as “human shields” in battle over automatic cuts

–Sen. Sanders and Rep. DiFazio author bills to fix the mess Congress created over Postal Service finances

–Obama waives child soldier ban in order to support 4 governments in Africa that recruit young soldiers

–60% of drug overdose deaths are from prescription drugs, mostly hydrocodone pain killers

–retired Senator Domenici (R-NM) admits he fathered a child with the daughter of GOP Senator Laxalt in 1978

–SF Police chief wants Tasers, but calls them “stun guns” to try to win approval.