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PBC News & Comment: Rep. Ellison Smacks Down Hannity!

Rep. Keith Ellison (D-MN) goes toe-to-toe with Hannity, “the worst excuse for a journalist”–a priceless exchange!   Thanks to my FB friend Beekeeper Joy for sharing.

blogger exposes the crew of Dems selling us out on the debt battle, especially Ed Rendell, who we talked about with Steve Horn recently

–California poll shows majority supports legalizing marijuana

–CA state senator Leno wants to ease sentencing of drug crimes

–national report shows decline in the incarceration of African Americans, a brutal legacy of Nixon’s War on Some Drugs

–Bradley Manning expected to take stand tomorrow, as judge refuses to dismiss charges and considers allowing a Navy Seal to testify that bin Laden had WikiLeaks documents

–Robin Kelly wins congressional primary to replace Jesse Jackson Jr with big help from Bloomberg anti-gun group

–Michelle Obama gets boost from ABC, which edits her erroneous remark about assault weapons in Chicago shooting of teenager

–Pentagon corrects false claim that Taliban violence in Afghanistan dropped in 2012

–6-nation talks with Iran seem to make progress, more talks set

–Shell suspends Arctic drilling for this year

–Meg Whitman, billionaire who tried to buy the governor’s office in California, support Prop 8 ban on gay marriage when she was running, now opposes it