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PBC News & Comment: Rep. Ellison Smacks Down Hannity!

Rep. Keith Ellison (D-MN) goes toe-to-toe with Hannity, "the worst excuse for a journalist"--a priceless exchange!   Thanks to my FB friend Beekeeper Joy for sharing.

--blogger exposes the crew of Dems selling us out on the debt battle, especially Ed Rendell, who we talked about with Steve Horn recently

--California poll shows majority supports legalizing marijuana

--CA state senator Leno wants to ease sentencing of drug crimes

--national report shows decline in the incarceration of African Americans, a brutal legacy of Nixon's War on Some Drugs

--Bradley Manning expected to take stand tomorrow, as judge refuses to dismiss charges and considers allowing a Navy Seal to testify that bin Laden had WikiLeaks documents

--Robin Kelly wins congressional primary to replace Jesse Jackson Jr with big help from Bloomberg anti-gun group

--Michelle Obama gets boost from ABC, which edits her erroneous remark about assault weapons in Chicago shooting of teenager

--Pentagon corrects false claim that Taliban violence in Afghanistan dropped in 2012

--6-nation talks with Iran seem to make progress, more talks set

--Shell suspends Arctic drilling for this year

--Meg Whitman, billionaire who tried to buy the governor's office in California, support Prop 8 ban on gay marriage when she was running, now opposes it