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PBC News & Comment: Bradley Manning tells his story

Bradley Manning testified in preliminary hearing, admitting he gave WikiLeaks many documents “to make the world a better place”…..He entered “guilty” pleas on 10 counts that could bring up to 20 years in prison, but will fight charges related to the Espionage Act.  Manning related how he first tried to leak to the Washington Post and NY Times before uploading to WikiLeaks

–the do-nothing Congress finally passed the extension of the Violence Against Women Act, overcoming neanderthals in the House who were pushing a watered-down version

Nuclear Power Updates”

–Japan changes course, will begin to restart up to 50 nuclear plants idled since the Fukushima disaster

–Japanese newpaper reports that initial radiation levels near Fukushima were 700 times normal

–in California, nukes at San Onofre remain shut down, as whistleblower exposes lack of cybersecurity training for more than half of workers

–on east coast, critics of license extension for Seabrook nuke plant complain that important issues regarding cement cracks in containment structure are being ignored by the license panel

–construction of 2 new nukes in Georgia already behind schedule and way over buget–taxpayers are on the hook

–federal court judge says Sea Shepherd anti-whaling activists are “pirates”