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PBC News & Comment: Courtroom View of Manning Trial

Reporter Kevin Gosztola details Bradley Manning's dramatic statement, admitting he's the WikiLeaker, but not a traitor; where's Rachel??.....As Rachel Maddow ignores major developments in this important court martial, we get the scoop from Gosztola on Manning's statement in this excerpt from our in-depth interview.

--we cite a strong editorial from the NY Times regarding the ruling this week that blocks any challenge to wiretapping, which is the main topic in our in-depth interview with Shahid Buttar of BORDC

--corporate tool Jack Lew is confirmed as Treasury Secretary

--after meeting with Congressional leaders, Obama says there is no deal now to soften the sequester budget cuts

--Obama administration files brief urging Supreme Court to overturn California's Prop 8, which cancelled marriage equality

--new report from State Department, released on Friday afternoon so you wouldn't notice, says no environmental harm expected from Keyston XL pipeline, greasing the route to approval

--power-hungry Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder ignores voters, appoints emergency manager for Detroit, which is in pretty bad shape

--reacting to the oral arguments on the Voting Rights Act, Robert Parry offers history, context, calls the Supremes a "neoconfederate court"

--Benedict exits the Vatican in a white helicopter: was it an "ascension" or an "assumption"

--MC Hammer, aging rapper, tweets back at the fat cop who sent Hammer to jail after a traffic stop