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PBC News & Comment: Courtroom View of Manning Trial

Reporter Kevin Gosztola details Bradley Manning’s dramatic statement, admitting he’s the WikiLeaker, but not a traitor; where’s Rachel??…..As Rachel Maddow ignores major developments in this important court martial, we get the scoop from Gosztola on Manning’s statement in this excerpt from our in-depth interview.

–we cite a strong editorial from the NY Times regarding the ruling this week that blocks any challenge to wiretapping, which is the main topic in our in-depth interview with Shahid Buttar of BORDC

–corporate tool Jack Lew is confirmed as Treasury Secretary

–after meeting with Congressional leaders, Obama says there is no deal now to soften the sequester budget cuts

–Obama administration files brief urging Supreme Court to overturn California’s Prop 8, which cancelled marriage equality

–new report from State Department, released on Friday afternoon so you wouldn’t notice, says no environmental harm expected from Keyston XL pipeline, greasing the route to approval

–power-hungry Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder ignores voters, appoints emergency manager for Detroit, which is in pretty bad shape

–reacting to the oral arguments on the Voting Rights Act, Robert Parry offers history, context, calls the Supremes a “neoconfederate court”

–Benedict exits the Vatican in a white helicopter: was it an “ascension” or an “assumption”

–MC Hammer, aging rapper, tweets back at the fat cop who sent Hammer to jail after a traffic stop