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PBC News & Comment: GOP budget plan restores some Pentagon cuts

The DC Flim-Flam:  GOP restores Defense spending cuts, ends shutdown threat as Obama again offers cuts to Social Security, Medicare….Biden leads love-fest at AIPAC, as advocates for Israel demand no cuts to US aid and new Secretary of state Kerry offers Egypt a couple of hundred million

–Obama names Walmart Foundation leader and former Clintonista Sylvia Burwell to run OMB, MIT’s Ernest Moniz to head Energy Dept., and promotes Gina McCarthy to top job at EPA

–badly-named Dept of  “Homeland Security” has spent almost $800 billion since 9/11…feel safer?

–NSA’s wiretapping programs are code-named “Ragtime”

–CIA agent who killed 2 Pakistanis on the street a couple of years ago took a guilty plea in Colorado after a fight over a parking space

–hookers in Dominican Republic recant accusations against Sen. Menendez, say they were paid to read a script

–Cardinals in Vatican talk sex and wiretaps as they choose next pope

–thousands marched in Selma yesterday, some in support of former AL Gov. Don Siegelman

–Obama announces 17 pardons, Siegelman is not on the list

–after pledging not to take any corporate money, Democrats borrowed $10 million for Charlotte convention from Duke Energy, which has written off the loan, making it a donation from Clean Coal