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PBC News & Comment: GOP budget plan restores some Pentagon cuts

The DC Flim-Flam:  GOP restores Defense spending cuts, ends shutdown threat as Obama again offers cuts to Social Security, Medicare....Biden leads love-fest at AIPAC, as advocates for Israel demand no cuts to US aid and new Secretary of state Kerry offers Egypt a couple of hundred million

--Obama names Walmart Foundation leader and former Clintonista Sylvia Burwell to run OMB, MIT's Ernest Moniz to head Energy Dept., and promotes Gina McCarthy to top job at EPA

--badly-named Dept of  "Homeland Security" has spent almost $800 billion since 9/11...feel safer?

--NSA's wiretapping programs are code-named "Ragtime"

--CIA agent who killed 2 Pakistanis on the street a couple of years ago took a guilty plea in Colorado after a fight over a parking space

--hookers in Dominican Republic recant accusations against Sen. Menendez, say they were paid to read a script

--Cardinals in Vatican talk sex and wiretaps as they choose next pope

--thousands marched in Selma yesterday, some in support of former AL Gov. Don Siegelman

--Obama announces 17 pardons, Siegelman is not on the list

--after pledging not to take any corporate money, Democrats borrowed $10 million for Charlotte convention from Duke Energy, which has written off the loan, making it a donation from Clean Coal