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PBC News & Comment: Hugo Chavez–Strongman, or just a strong man?

Venezuela’s maximum leader, Hugo Chavez, dies of cancer at 58, leaving a legacy of challenging US dominance in this hemisphere…..Greg Palast offers a different view of Chavez in a free download of his documentary, The Assassination of Hugo Chavez

–in this excerpt from our in-depth interview about the death of Aaron Swartz, Jason Leopold of Truthout explores the unusual way that the MIT hacking case was taken over by the Secret Service

–in this excerpt from segment two of our in-depth interview podcast, Craig Holman of Public Citizen tells why Chevron broke the law when it gave $2.5 mil to a GOP superPAC

–Jon Stewart is taking a 12-week break to direct a movie, e-gads!

–dronemeister Brennan confirmation to CIA clears committee

–US denies responsibility for some drone attacks in Pakistan

–pilot landing at JFK reports drone or model airplane crossed his flight path

–TSA relaxes rules on small knives and golf clubs, to make flying more fun

–UN demands that Obama declassify records of Bush era human rights issues of detention and torture

–the nation of Chad says it killed rebel leader Belmokhtar

–Kerry wants to arm Syrian rebels, Obama has refused so far

–Swiss vote on measure to allow shareholders to limit executive pay