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PBC News & Comment: Hugo Chavez–Strongman, or just a strong man?

Venezuela's maximum leader, Hugo Chavez, dies of cancer at 58, leaving a legacy of challenging US dominance in this hemisphere.....Greg Palast offers a different view of Chavez in a free download of his documentary, The Assassination of Hugo Chavez

--in this excerpt from our in-depth interview about the death of Aaron Swartz, Jason Leopold of Truthout explores the unusual way that the MIT hacking case was taken over by the Secret Service

--in this excerpt from segment two of our in-depth interview podcast, Craig Holman of Public Citizen tells why Chevron broke the law when it gave $2.5 mil to a GOP superPAC

--Jon Stewart is taking a 12-week break to direct a movie, e-gads!

--dronemeister Brennan confirmation to CIA clears committee

--US denies responsibility for some drone attacks in Pakistan

--pilot landing at JFK reports drone or model airplane crossed his flight path

--TSA relaxes rules on small knives and golf clubs, to make flying more fun

--UN demands that Obama declassify records of Bush era human rights issues of detention and torture

--the nation of Chad says it killed rebel leader Belmokhtar

--Kerry wants to arm Syrian rebels, Obama has refused so far

--Swiss vote on measure to allow shareholders to limit executive pay