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PBC News & Comment: Finally, a Filibuster We Can Support!

Sen. Rand Paul launches a real talk-till-you-drop filibuster of Brennan confirmation, secret memos and Obama’s kill-or-kill powers…..On some issues, Rand Paul is a Tea Party nut; but he gets your humble host’s full support as he fights for our constitutional rights and finds unlikely allies from both parties.

–this debate has fresh fuel from Attorney General Holder’s recent comments that the president has the power to kill an American in the US with a drone strike, but Obama wouldn’t do it

–Holder also drew flack today at Senate Judiciary Committee over the secret memos, and the aggressive prosecution of Aaron Swartz

–Google releases sketchy info about the number of cases it has had to cough up user info due to FBI national security letters

–House passes budget bill, averts threat of government shutdown

–Arkansas Republicans override Dem governor’s veto of clearly unconstitutional law that limits abortion to first 12 weeks

–Brad Friedman compares Chinese hackers to cyber hijinks aimed at him in proposals to US Chamber of Commerce

–Dow’s record highs don’t mean much–we are in a bubble created by the Fed

–letter from Gov. Don Siegelman in federal prison requests transcript of a PBC interview–we are looking for a volunteer stenographer to transcribe it

–Oakland’s rogue police department to be monitored by new compliance director

–California Supreme Court rules in favor of ballot measure that extends the time between parole hearings for lifers up to 15 years

–major convictions in bank fraud—in Afghanistan