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PBC News & Comment: Finally, a Filibuster We Can Support!

Sen. Rand Paul launches a real talk-till-you-drop filibuster of Brennan confirmation, secret memos and Obama's kill-or-kill powers.....On some issues, Rand Paul is a Tea Party nut; but he gets your humble host's full support as he fights for our constitutional rights and finds unlikely allies from both parties.

--this debate has fresh fuel from Attorney General Holder's recent comments that the president has the power to kill an American in the US with a drone strike, but Obama wouldn't do it

--Holder also drew flack today at Senate Judiciary Committee over the secret memos, and the aggressive prosecution of Aaron Swartz

--Google releases sketchy info about the number of cases it has had to cough up user info due to FBI national security letters

--House passes budget bill, averts threat of government shutdown

--Arkansas Republicans override Dem governor's veto of clearly unconstitutional law that limits abortion to first 12 weeks

--Brad Friedman compares Chinese hackers to cyber hijinks aimed at him in proposals to US Chamber of Commerce

--Dow's record highs don't mean much--we are in a bubble created by the Fed

--letter from Gov. Don Siegelman in federal prison requests transcript of a PBC interview--we are looking for a volunteer stenographer to transcribe it

--Oakland's rogue police department to be monitored by new compliance director

--California Supreme Court rules in favor of ballot measure that extends the time between parole hearings for lifers up to 15 years

--major convictions in bank fraud---in Afghanistan