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PBC News & Comment: Rand Paul’s Filibuster May Have Important Impacts

After opening tribute to guitarist Alvin Lee, we go deep on possible impacts of Sen. Rand Paul’s 13-hour filibuster…..Democrats who have remained silent about Obama’s abuse of the Bill of Rights should feel pressure to take a stand; Paul has also angered the GOP old guard, and the result should be a major change in DC dynamics

–Senate confirms Brennan to CIA 63-34

–Rep. Lofgren introduces bill to require warrant for searches of email and location data

–bin Laden son-in-law was captured (not killed!) and is in a NY prison (not Guantanamo)

–Dr. Izzeldin Abuelaish, whose 3 daughters and niece were killed in Israeli assault on Gaza in 2009, has a message for Obama in this excerpt from our in-depth interview

–Inspector general confirms that we squandered billions on reconstruction in Iraq; former State Dept. office Peter van Buren will comment here next week

–Guardian in UK reports that Rumsfeld sent retired colonel with history of torture in Central America to Iraq to set up torture program

–Jason Leopold of Truthout reports on 2 deaths at Guantanamo

–Leopold also reports on expanding hunger strike at Gitmo

–the Guardian (again) offers excellent context on the hopeless situation of Gitmo prisoners, especially British citizen Shaker Aamer

–Steve Horn breaks the news that New York’s lower house of the legislature has passed 2-year moratorium on fracking in New York state

–former president convicted for wiretapping, in Italy

–Swiss cap on executive pay passed with 68% support

–White House cancels public tours “due to budget cuts”

–George Zornick at The Nation warns of Obama’s efforts to change “chained CPI” which would reduce Social Security benefits