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PBC News & Comment: Rand Paul’s Filibuster May Have Important Impacts

After opening tribute to guitarist Alvin Lee, we go deep on possible impacts of Sen. Rand Paul's 13-hour filibuster.....Democrats who have remained silent about Obama's abuse of the Bill of Rights should feel pressure to take a stand; Paul has also angered the GOP old guard, and the result should be a major change in DC dynamics

--Senate confirms Brennan to CIA 63-34

--Rep. Lofgren introduces bill to require warrant for searches of email and location data

--bin Laden son-in-law was captured (not killed!) and is in a NY prison (not Guantanamo)

--Dr. Izzeldin Abuelaish, whose 3 daughters and niece were killed in Israeli assault on Gaza in 2009, has a message for Obama in this excerpt from our in-depth interview

--Inspector general confirms that we squandered billions on reconstruction in Iraq; former State Dept. office Peter van Buren will comment here next week

--Guardian in UK reports that Rumsfeld sent retired colonel with history of torture in Central America to Iraq to set up torture program

--Jason Leopold of Truthout reports on 2 deaths at Guantanamo

--Leopold also reports on expanding hunger strike at Gitmo

--the Guardian (again) offers excellent context on the hopeless situation of Gitmo prisoners, especially British citizen Shaker Aamer

--Steve Horn breaks the news that New York's lower house of the legislature has passed 2-year moratorium on fracking in New York state

--former president convicted for wiretapping, in Italy

--Swiss cap on executive pay passed with 68% support

--White House cancels public tours "due to budget cuts"

--George Zornick at The Nation warns of Obama's efforts to change "chained CPI" which would reduce Social Security benefits