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“The Gaza Doctor” Izzeldin Abuelaish Shares the Tragic Story of the 2009 Deaths of 3 Daughters and a Niece–and His Inspiring Message: “I Will Not Hate”



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A powerful, moving conversation with Palestinian Dr. Izzeldin Abuelaish, whose 3 daughters and a niece were killed by Israeli shells in 2009;  and Anna Rogers, a Jewish American peace activist.Dr. Abuelaish is an OB/GYN who lived in Gaza and delivered countless Israeli babies.  On January 19, 2009, during the assault on Gaza, Israeli tanks shelled his home and killed his daughters Bisan, Mayar and Aya, and his niece who was visiting, Noor.

Watch this detailed video report with full background from Democracy Now!

Abuelaish describes each of his daughters and his niece, to give human dimensions to the “collateral damage” of Israel’s war on Gaza, which took 1400 Palestinian lives.  While he is understandably angry at the senseless killing and the policies of Israel and the US, he makes the point in several ways that Israelis will not be safe, secure and free as long as Palestinians are not free.  His book, I Shall Not Hate, is available in 22 languages.  He uses a number of medical metaphors to talk about violence and violent people.  He has set up a foundation in honor of his daughters, get info here.

Anna Rogers is a member of the Marin Peace and Justice Coalition, and has visited Gaza and the West Bank.  She also joined the conversation with Iyad Burnat about the Oscar-nominated documentary 5 Broken Cameras in January.