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PBC News & Comment: Details Emerge on Case Against Awlaki

Based on official leaks and (mostly) anonymous sources, NY Times details claims to justify drone killing of Awlaki in Yemen….PBC recaps the newly expanded official account of the targeted killing of Awlaki, and the “unintended” deaths of his son and Samir Khan.  While the new information is interesting, it is largely based on unverifiable sources, like the confession of the underwear bomber (Abdulmutallab).

The Times also devotes its lead Sunday exitorial to a call to repeal the Authorization to Use Military Force, the blank check passed after 9/11

–an excerpt from our in-depth interview with Peter van Buren lists the people who got promoted after squandering billions on reconstruction in Iraq

–Karzai gets more volatile, as prison transfer is delayed again and he says US is conspiring to stay in Afghanistan after 2014

–new insider attack in Wardak, the Afgan province that US forces were supposed to exit a week ago

–2 years after Fukushima, US nuke regulator paints rosy picture of nuclear safety, scientists disagree

–Nuclear Regulatory Commission denies license for a new nuke plant in Maryland

–Surprise!  Tom Friedman opposes Keystone XL pipeline, has interesting ideas for a bargain

–FTC cracks down on spam text messages, PBC got 2 today