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PBC News & Comment: Dan Ellsberg Leaks Again!

Daniel Ellsberg’s new Freedom of the Press Foundation releases courtroom recording of Bradley Manning’s statement at Ft. Meade court martial….will Rachel Maddow and MSDNC end their blackout of the Manning case? Hear the full recording of Manning’s statement here.

–former NY Times editor Bill Keller mused in a blog post: what if Manning had leaked directly to the Gray Lady, instead of WikiLeaks

–libertarian Jeff Frazee, who’s in segment 2 of our latest in-depth interview podcast, talks about hyper partisanship that prevents people from thinking independently–excerpt

–top US spook, James Clapper, says cyber attacks are bigger threat than terrorism

–outrage over discovery that Harvard spied on emails of 16 deans

–TSA is shifting airport security emphasis to profiling passengers, which requires lots of personal info

–NY cops and prosecutor gave completely false testimony against Occupy protester: video proves that cops attacked him, not the other way around

–Oakland cops falsely accused an innocent man, plus another convict is freed after 13 years in prison on wrongful conviction for rape

–California prison officials are caught fudging numbers for inmate population as they seek release from federal court oversight, and for censoring a consultant’s report about inmate suicides

–Bloomberg’s ban on giant soda servings is put on hold by judge

–the first hand-counted paper ballots were counted in the election of the next pope