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Brad Friedman Updates the Video Plot that Brought Down ACORN, as Vidiot O’Keefe Pays $100k to Victim



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Brad Friedman of Bradblog returns to share his latest reporting on the Breitbart-funded takedown of ACORN, using a deceptive set of videos created by James O’Keefe.Friedman offers some background on the case, adding new details about Andrew Breitbart’s funding for this episode of deadly political theater, and his prior knowledge that O’Keefe and his partner in crime, Hannah Giles, set their video traps at ACORN without wearing the pimp and ho outfits that are shown in the opening scenes of the videos.  Friedman also comments on O’Keefe’s deal to pay $100,000 to a former ACORN worker, and breaks the news that Giles has already paid that worker $50,000; and he recaps his efforts to correct the blatantly inaccurate reporting of this hatchet job in mainstream media, especially the NY Times.  Friedman has invited O’Keefe to be a guest on the Bradcast on KPFK/Los Angeles, and after we spoke he had an odd Twitter exchange with O’Keefe (or someone who controls his Twitter account).

Friedman also comments on President Obama’s new panel that is supposed to fix the long lines at polling places, but he named GOP attack dog Ben Ginsberg to co-chair.